Property And Fiscal Officer

The USPFO for Louisiana is COL Paul G. Arbour. He was appointed in August of 2008 by the Chief, National Guard Bureau under the provisions of Title 32 U.S.C 708 as a Title 10 Active Duty Officer.

The USPFO is a Title 10 active duty officer either Army or Air assigned to the National Guard Bureau and detailed for duty in his or her respective state. The remainder of the National Guard during peacetime is a state force authorized and paid under Title 32 and under the command of the State Governor.

The National Guard Bureau recognizes the USPFO as the primary focal point for federal funds and property allotted to this state. This is predicated on the fact that the USPFO is, by law, accountable and responsible for all federal funds and property provided to the National Guard of his or her respective state. He is responsible for financial management, property accountability, federal contracting, and internal review. He authenticates requirements, certifies as to their authority, and authorizes the expenditure of federal funds for equipment, supplies, services, and payroll. Additionally, he submits periodic reports concerning use of these funds and equipment to the Secretary of the Army and Secretary of the Air Force.

Our Mission

Receives and accounts for all funds and property of the United States in the possession of the National Guard of a specified state.

Ensures federal funds are obligated and expended in conformance with applicable statutes and regulations.
Provides financial, logistical, and maintenance resources for maintaining federal property provided to the state
Advises and assists the units/organizations/activities within the state to ensure that federal property is used IAW applicable DA or Air Force directives as implemented by the CNGB.
Take appropriate action pertaining to any irregularities, misuse, or abuse of federal property or funds issued to National Guard units.
Manages the federal logistics and maintenance support systems for the state.
Upon mobilization of a supported unit the USPFO provides that support necessary for the transition of the mobilized entity into active duty status.
During post mobilization, when specifically requested by mobilization station commander or directed by other competent authority, it may be necessary for the USPFO to provide support to mobilized units.
As head of a federal contracting activity, has unlimited warrant authority to perform all federal contracting officer duties.
The USPFO’s relationship with the State Adjutant General is one of cooperation, responsiveness and full support subject to applicable law, regulations and National Guard Bureau (NGB) policy.

Telephone Fax Number
USPFO 318-290-5593
DSN:435-5593 318-290-5351
Deputy USPFO/J8 318-290-5594
DSN:435-5594 318-290-5351
USPFO Secretary 504-278-8403
DSN:485-8403 504-278-8580

Mailing Address:
USPFO for Louisiana
420 F Street
Camp Beauregard,
Pineville, LA 70146-0330

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