Camp Beauregard Billeting

Welcome to Camp Beauregard Lodging!

We have lodging available for DoD ID Card holders (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and Retiree) year round. During Annual Training months, we may not offer Non-Official lodging to customers due to the limited availability. Our rooms include:

Private Rooms

  • Private Rooms: $35.00 or $50.00 for Official and $42.36 or $57.36 for Non-Official

Semi-Private Rooms

  • Semi-Private Rooms: $30.00 for Official and $37.36 for Non-Official

2-Man Rooms with common Latrine

  • 2-Man Rooms with common Latrine: $15.00 for Official and $22.36 for Non-Official

4-Man Rooms with common Latrine

  • 4-Man Rooms with common Latrine: $15.00 for Official and $22.36 for Non-Official

Room rates very based on status (Official and Unofficial)

– Reservations are not guaranteed and may be cancelled due to mission requirements.

– All rooms are Non-Smoking rooms.


– Reservations are limited to 60 days prior to arrival date.

– Reservations are limited to 2 rooms. (Request for exception must be in writing citing specific reasons)

To make a reservation, you can call the Lodging Office at 318-290-5669, Monday-Friday 0700-1700. Lodging Office is open Saturday-Sunday 0700-1530 on IDT weekends. Or email

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