Camp Cook Noncommissioned Officers Academy



1st BN NCOA, MCC-BLC will develop competent and adaptive junior NCOs as critical thinkers able to lead, train, and mentor Soldiers for the modern and future asymmetric operating environments in an era of persistent conflict.  


1st BN NCOA, 199th Regiment (RTI-LA) is a Multi-Component Cadre Basic Leader Course (MCC-BLC) supporting the One Army School System (OASS), providing institutional training directed within the Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System (NCOPDS) based on collective requirements identified by TRADOC, NCOL CoE, The U.S. Army, The Army National Guard, and The Army Reserve. 


1st BN NCOA Staff and Cadre will “Lead by Example” upholding the Army Values to enhance leader development by utilizing the Experiential Learning Model and providing a rigorous, challenging academic environment and practical exercise experiences, while treating students with respect, dignity, and professional courtesy that are the foundation of Army Leadership.

VBLC Class 009-21 Dates

Report: 2021-07-08

Start: 2021-07-09Release: 2021-07-30

BLC 010-21 & VBLC Class 501-21 Dates

Report: 2021-08-12

Start: 2021-08-13

Release: 2021-09-03

BLC 011-21 & VBLC Class 502-21 Dates

Report: 2021-09-08

Start: 2021-09-09

Release: 2021-09-30

Facilitator of the Year: SSG Ben Smith


CSM Troy Barron

Deputy Commandant

1SG Thomas E Hughes


1SG Wendell J. Johnson

(318) 290-6114 Staff Duty

Camp Cook

6030 Monroe HWY Ball, LA 71405

  2020 MAY 20

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