Louisiana National Guard

Jackson Barracks


JB TowerPresident Andrew Jackson signed a Congressional bill on July 19, 1832 that provided $87,000 for the building of a post to house U.S. troops. An additional $107,500 was appropriated by Congress bringing the total cost to over $180,000. The site for Jackson Barracks was purchased on December 16, 1833 from Pierre Cotteret. The area was chosen for its close proximity to the city and the four forts guarding it against a seaborne invasion like Jackson had faced here in 1815.

To serve as a power projection platform and command and control center for emergency operations. Improve the readiness posture of units, other tenant organizations, state and local partners. Provide an excellent quality of life for Soldiers, Airmen, employees and their families through outstanding support of all training and operations.

Jackson Barracks is a military base in New Orleans, Louisiana. The base was established in 1834 and known as New Orleans Barracks prior to 7 July 1866 when it was renamed in honor of Andrew Jackson who first advocated a US military base here. The Barracks is located in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans at the boundary of St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.


  1. Fitness Center, Bldg 3001, 0600-2100 daily except for holidays & weekends (call for
    hours) 504-278-8224
  2. Jackson Barracks Billeting has lodging available for DoD ID card holders (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and Retiree) year round. Jackson Barracks is located less than five miles from the heart of the French Quarter.


Call – 985-645-3513 ext 8101

Gym: The gym is located at UTES-V. The hours are 0700 to 1730. The Gym is open to LANG members & SMD Employees and retirees of both groups.
Hunting: a. Camp Villere Hunting is open to BOW ONLY . Hunting is open to LANG members and State Military Department Employees, including retirees, with valid military SMD Identification card.
b. Primary hunters are authorized to bring one guest per hunting period. Guests must be accompanied by sponsor.
c. Hunting days are set in accordance with provisions set by Louisiana Dept of Wildlife 2011-2012 Louisiana Hunting Regulations.
d. Primary Hunters pay $45.00 per season or $15.00 per day. Guest Hunters pay $100.00 per season or $25.00 per day. ATV registration is $10.00 per season.
Trailers: CV has 4 MWR Trailers available which can be utilized during Hunting Season or on weekends. The cost of the rental is $10.00 per night.

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