State Military Department


We envision the Louisiana National Guard as a proud, ready, values based organization that adapts to State, Community, and Federal missions providing a professional response in a changing environment.


Our State Mission is to conduct operations to preserve and protect life, property, peace, order, and public safety under state authority and as directed by the Governor during times of natural disaster and other state emergencies. Our Community Mission is to focus initiatives to enhance community relationships and provide mutually beneficial support. As Citizen Soldiers, we live and work in our communities and we enhance our community well- being by actively participating in programs and cooperative agreements that support our role in daily life. Our Federal Mission is to provide support for trained and ready Soldiers, Airmen, and units for deployment in support of national military objectives as designated by the President of the United States.


The philosophy of the Military Department encompasses:

  • Competence, quality and superior performance in achieving all assigned missions with courage and confidence
  • Projection of a strong and visible public image justifying continued local and statewide support
  • Integrity and ethical actions in all matters directly or indirectly affecting the Military Department
  • Commitment to continued excellence and ongoing improvements in every area of performance and public accountability to the state and nation


  • Effectively prepare for response to and recovery from future emergencies
  • Accomplish our state, federal, and community missions within reduced means
  • Attract federal funds to expand economic development
  • Provide educational opportunities for at-risk youth

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