Our mission is to provide resources in a fair and equitable manner guiding service members and building strong minds for an “Always Ready” Louisiana National Guard. Contact our staff at:

  • CPT Donnelly, Testing MGR (GI BILL / Kicker Contracts): 318.641.5333
  • 1LT Stewart, Jerome (GI Bill / Kicker Contracts): 504.278.8273
  • SGT Carter, Tuition Exemption (STEP): 504.278.8304
  • SFC Webre, Incentive Manager (Bonus Contracts): 504.278.8116
  • SGT Ruffins, Student Loan Repayment (SLRP): 504.278.8301
  • CPT Horridge, State Education Officer (ESO): 504.278.8532


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