Guard welcomes newly enlisted officers

By Spc. Tarell J. Bilbo
Recruiting and Retention Command Public Affairs Representative

NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana National Guard received two new Judge Advocate General Corps officers when 1st Lts. Donald R. Cravins and Tavares A. Walker recited the oath of enlistment in Baton Rouge, July 8.

JAG Corps officers investigate, prosecute and defend those charged with crimes in the military, provide legal advice for Soldiers and work with international contracts.

For both Cravins and Walker, becoming members of the LANG has been a goal they have long strived for.

“I always knew that I had that desire in me to join the military,” said Cravins, a native of Opelousas. “I have an immense amount of respect for what the Guard does.”

“First and foremost is my inner passion to serve people,” said Walker, a Donaldsonville native. “This will allow me to develop professionally, while at the same time serving the good of society.”

Outside of their military profession, Cravins works as Sen. Mary Landrieus staff director and chief counsel of the United States Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, while Walker is a development officer for the Southern University Law Center.

Aside from sharing a sense of selfless service, Cravins and Walker also graduated from the same law school, Southern University Law Center, in Baton Rouge.

“It gave me an even greater sense of pride standing next to a fellow alumnus,” said Cravins. “It was literally a dream come true for me.”


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