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La. Guard prepares with disaster response exercise

By Staff Sgt. David C. Kirtland, Louisiana National Guard Public Affairs Office

NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana National Guard collaborated with local and state agencies in an annual Disaster Response Exercise designed to test and reinforce the capabilities and strengthen coordination between local, state, federal and non-governmental agencies, April 16-18.

Across the State, there was a specific focus on the Command Post Exercise, a simulated event aimed at evaluating decision-making under pressure and assessing readiness in the event of a natural disaster.

“The exercise is an opportunity for the State to test its emergency management and all-hazards response capabilities,” said Maj. Brian West, senior plans and operations officer of the joint directorate of military support. “It allows the State to test all 17 emergency support functions on how we coordinate, communicate, assign and track missions.”

State emergency support functions serve as the framework for organizing and coordinating state resources. This structure facilitates the efficient and timely delivery of essential assistance to communities affected by disaster.

“Louisiana is susceptible to hurricanes. Although we rehearse, there are things that change from year to year. It is of utmost importance for all the new players to be able to communicate and coordinate face to face,” explained West.

The LANG’s 139th Regional Support Group conducted rehearsals in Roseland, La., which focused on refining their logistics response to natural disasters. The rehearsal included Soldiers simulating the deployment of essential resources and commodities to the hardest-hit communities while also providing commanders with valuable insights into areas needing improvement.

Both exercises enable the LANG to engage with the very same local and state partners involved in real-world storms and disasters. This interoperability is a major key to success during the State’s disaster response.

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