199th Regiment (RTI)


CommanderCOL Willus Hall Command Sergeant MajorCSM Stephen Hickman
The 199th Regiment (Louisiana Army National Guard Regional Training Institute) started as the Louisiana Military Academy (1960-1997) and later became the 199th Regiment (Leadership) (1997-2008).  The unit began its history of training by formalizing and conducting the Officer Candidate School program starting in July 1960. In July 1976, the unit later established the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy which at the time taught Primary Non Commissioned Officer Course (PNOC), Basic Non Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC), Advance Non Commissioned Officer Course (ANCOC), and the 1SG Course. Over the years the 199th Regiment (LAARNG RTI) has evolved to support the needs of the Army and the Louisiana Army National Guard.  The Regiment now trains active duty, reserve and national guard Soldiers in the following courses under its two battalions:


·        1st Battalion (Non-Commissioned Officer Academy)
    o  Basic Leadership Course (BLC)
    o  Combatives
    o  Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC)
    o  Small Group Instructor Training Course (SGITC)
    o  Combat Lifesaver (CLS)


·        2nd Battalion (Modular Training Battalion)
    o  Officer Candidate School
    o  Platoon Trainer Qualification Course (PTQC)
    o  Tactical Certification Course (TCC)
    o  Pre-Warrant Officer Candidate Course (Pre-WOCC)
    o  88M Basic Motor Transport Operator Course
    o  12N Basic Horizontal Construction Engineer Course
    o  12W Basic Carpentry and Masonry Engineer Course
    o  31B Basic Military Police Course

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