Presenting the brand new online Pelican Dispatch

You can visit the site by clicking the image here, by clicking the Pelican Dispatch button under the slider on the homepage, or at


The Louisiana National Guard has moved away from the printed edition of the Pelican Dispatch magazine to a new, official Pelican Dispatch blog that is only accessible online.


The purpose of this blog is to discuss things that matter to you, our Soldiers, Airmen and families. The format of this blog is much more creative, allows for contributors outside the normal public affairs office, and is more relaxed than a typical news release. We aim to provide timely, relevant posts that capture your interest.


Not only do we want your ideas, we want your submissions! We want you to write about the things that matter to you. Maybe you are a CrossFit enthusiast or a TSP guru. Your knowledge may very well help someone else – so take the time to share it!


We ask that you subscribe to our blog – that way you won’t miss new posts as they come out. Don’t worry, we won’t post everyday! And, you can always unsubscribe if that is desired. Next, tell your friends!


Like something you see? Let us know … we want your feedback and so that we can make this blog something that is useful and fun.


You can visit the site by clicking the Pelican Dispatch button under the slider on the homepage, or at


Happy reading!

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