Guard, NOLA city officials announce Drug Control Strategy

By Spc. Tarell J. Bilbo

Recruiting and Retention Command Public Affairs Representative
NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana National Guard’s Counter Drug Task Force Civil Operations Program was recognized for its assistance and cooperation with the Greater New Orleans Drug Demand Reduction Coalition and assisting with the development of the Drug Control Strategy in a press conference at the district attorney’s office in New Orleans, May 23, 2012.

Maj. Donna C. Jones, civil operations manager with the CDTF, has worked with the coalition since its inception beginning in October 2011.

“We are privileged to have Maj. Jones’ leadership in guiding the coalition through the strategic planning process,” said Stephanie Haynes, strategic planning process chairman with the coalition. “Her experience and expertise, her conscientiousness and attention to detail have been invaluable to this process.”

The planning process was guided by the principles of drug demand reduction and is focused on the areas of prevention, treatment, enforcement and criminal justice.

The strategy thus provides a framework for citizens, policy-makers and service providers to work together and to bring all resources to bear over the next five years to carry out the plan.

“We have provided assistance with strategic planning, advising and facilitation,” said Jones. “We have also assisted with the development of the goals and objectives for the criminal justice/law enforcement work-group.”

“It is essential to show our role in the ‘civil support to community coalitions’,” said Jones. “We need to show how we help the communities as a CDTF National Guardsman and our unique skills in this role.”

The CDTF Civil Operations Program utilizes the unique National Guard skills and resources to help foster a strong response to reducing substance abuse in local communities by supporting community-led strategies that are proven to reduce the demand and use of drugs.


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