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POC is SFC Jonathan Smith at (504)278-8772

ADOS Packet Requirements

FTNGD-OS Checklist FY20
FTNGD-OS Statement of Current Health
DA FORM 5960
DA FORM 4187
DA FORM 1058-R
Security Clearance Verification

AGR Packet Requirements

LAARNG AGR Enlisted Career Management Policy (As of 01Nov20)

Annc. No. Title Location City Closes
ADOS Military Funeral Honors Team Lead JFHQ New Orleans, Alexandria, Minden, LA Open to Filled
058-22 Admin NCO C CO., 2-156th Houma, LA 25 MAY 22
059-22 Admin NCO D CO., 3-156th Opelousa, LA 25 MAY 22
060-22 Supply SGT B CO., 3-156th Pineville, LA 25 MAY 22
061-22 Admin NCO B CO., 199th Alexandria, LA 25 MAY 22
062-22 Supply SGT D CO., 769th BEB Lafayette, LA 25 MAY 22
065-22 Supply SGT A CO., 199th BSB Colfax, LA 25 MAY 22
066-22 Admin NCO C BTRY, 1-141st New Orleans, LA 25 MAY 22
067-22 Medical Readiness NCO HQ 199th RTI Pineville, LA 25 MAY 22
070-22 DET Readiness NCO DET 1, DET 1 HHC 3-156 IN BN Dequincy, LA 25 MAY 22
071-22 DET Readiness NCO DET 1, C CO., 3-156 IN BN New Orleans, LA 25 MAY 22
073-22 Readiness NCO A CO., 769th BEB New Roads, LA 24 MAY 22

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